Teamy was developed in response to our own frustrations and feedback received from other (football) sports regarding the key weekly question: who is going to be present or absent during the training or competition? Teamy serves as a self-help tool for the event organizer or captain.

In April 2019 the first free version of the app went live.

We are continuously developing the app. Further development and optimization of the app will be worked on during the foreseeable future. An important aspect for us is that great ideas are fed by good feedback!

In order we gather this information, we’ve created a feedback tool where you can provide answers to a number of questions. Should you wish to provide feedback (please do!). You may do so via this link.

Teamy is an initiative of Jos Herbrink (owner Brinked), Wander Evers (owner Morux) and Martijn Coevert (owner WeWantWeb).

Copywriter: Jessica Hoeben

English translation: Iain Hutchison.