Partner program

Win with Teamy

Teamy has a significant market share in the Netherlands and Belgium, offering services to international-level team sports players. The Teamy affiliate program provides brands with strategic opportunities.

Teamy's sports impact

Network Teamy: Figures and performance

Despite the majority of our active athletes coming from the Netherlands and Belgium in the past 12 months, Teamy serves athletes worldwide. Our app is available in both English and Dutch.

The Teamy partner program offers brands strategic advertising space and reaches 2 to 3 times active athletes weekly. The app is being opened 1 to 1,5 million times per month. Also, we have a rapid growing community, actively involved in the development of the app.

Teamy is being used in all area's of team sports:

  • Soccer: 47%
  • Other sports: 53% (including volleyball, hockey, basketball, handball, korfball, boot camp, and more).

We segment athletes based on their sport choice, age group, and the roles of coaches and team managers within sports clubs. Furthermore, Teamy facilitates cross-selling initiatives to support partners in promoting their other platforms.

Brand awareness with Teamy

Advertising space

Within the Teamy platform, it is possible to utilize advertising space to increase brand awareness. This can be done through banner positions within the app, overlay displays (large panels) that appear over the app and need to be closed, as well as the option to create brand awareness upon app startup.

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